Dies ist der gleiche Beitrag wie “Bewerbung”, allerdings ins Englische übersetzt, wodurch eventuelle Leser in Kanada den Beitrag auch verstehen werden. Außerdem werden meine Beiträge in Kanada nach einer Zeit auch auf englisch geschrieben werden, da ich dort standardmäßig englisch reden werde. Des Weiteren freue ich mich schon darauf, nach diesem Aufenthalt mein Englisch jetzt und das in einem Jahr vergleichen zu können, um zu sehen, wie viel mir dieses Jahr in Bezug auf meine Sprachkenntnisse gebracht hat.

My name is Luk Biskup, I am 14 years old and I am living near Frankfurt in Germany. I have a twelve-year-old sister who is called Lara and my parents are both 44 years old. Their names are Monika and Tobias. My sister plays Handball in a club and she takes violine tuition. My parents like jogging and my father is an honorary youth football coach, my mother loves painting. Both work in the IT-Business, my father in the IT-security and my mother is a software developer.

I have played football for nine years ina club now which I like really much. Last year I changed my club with some friends so now I am very happy about my new team. I have also played piano for six years which I do less passionate than football but I like it, too. The only problem is that I detest playing in front of an audience.

I am a co-trainer of a team of nine-year-old kids because I love playing with the young kids and providing their football skills. In school, I am a school first aider as well so I participated in some courses on first aide and I am able to help sick and injured students in our school for one break weekly.

My favourite subjects are maths and chemistry but I like as well English and French very much. Furthermore I stayed a week in France in a host family two years ago which really improved my French skills. I had to adjust to the everyday life there but after about three days, that worked out very well, too. The communication with my host family went over without difficulty, which I think is also in dept with our many vacations in France.

Since my sixth year of my life I have already stayed there five times for summer vacation and once in the autumn break. Since then I have stayed twice in Ireland for three weeks each time, where my family and I always sleep in hostels. I was also several times in Skandinavia where I enjoyed the lakes and rivers and as well the huge forests. Last year I stayed a week in Italy with my class where we did skiing and on top of that I have already been skiing three times with my family.

My first wish of doing a work ‘n’ travel after school appeared out of the experiences of other attendants in the Irish hostels who were doing that. After several conversations with my parents and teachers, I finally had the intention of staying one year in Canada because of the huge landscapes and nature there from which I often heard. The „French Immersion”-program also seems very useful to me because I would be able to improve my English and my French skills to hopefully being able to use them later in life.

The big Canadian lakes, which are very numerous in Vernon, to do canuing in and the huge forests where you can do walks seem very enjoyable to me and the broad offerings in regard to football are very nice for me. The last reason for my intention is the large ski region near Vernon which sounds very interesting to me.

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