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See You Later – July 1st, 2017

On my first day of these vacations we slept in, and then had a pretty big breakfast including scrambled eggs, bacon and an amazing view onto the lake right next to us. Then we stayed on the campground for another couple of hours enjoying our time together until we finally left at around 3 pm.

Breakfast in front of the beautiful view on the lake.

I’d say I was pretty happy.

Papaya and some scrambled eggs.

We made our RV ready for the street again to get to the supermarket and buy some groceries, which was pretty interesting because I realized how new all of the things I am totally used to by now are to the other five travellers.

Afterwards we left towards the mall right around the corner. Most of us went to the washroom, we looked around the mall for some time and then ended up in Starbucks having our second round of coffee that day.

This was actually my first drink from Starbucks beside a small coffee with milk a couple of years ago.

After a while everybody had finished their drinks and we had to hurry to get to my host parents‘ house where we would have a great barbecue with Gordon, Sally and Karen, my host parents and their daughter, Milo, my host brother, Esteban and Andrea, his twin brother and older sister, and Milo and Gabi, their parents.

We arrived at the house when Gordon just started putting the chicken sticks and patties on the barbecue. A little later Milo’s family arrived and we had a lovely time talking and eating. I already knew Milo’s and Esteban’s parents but got to know their 21-year-old sister Andrea while both of them finally met my parents and my sister as well as my grandmother and grandaunt who met Milo’s and Esteban’s whole family and my host parents for their first time.

The last time I would see all of these guys.

Yup, we’ve had some fun that night.

My two mothers, probably talking about what a great guy I am.

Shout out to my host parents for this incredibly good barbecue!

Te voy a extranar mi hermano.

Thanks for the jersey, I’ll hold it in honour!

You’re such a cool kid, Milo.

After a few very fun hours and a really good supper we finally had to leave, and I had to say goodbye to everyone, I preferred to say ‚See You Later‘ to everyone though because I knew I will see all of them again in the next couple of years.

It was very hard to say goodbye to my host parents who have been there for me the last ten months, made me at least one meal a day, gave me rides to places I wanted to go to and took me on a few trips I enjoyed lots. Every single day, they asked me how my day was, at supper we sometimes talked for hours and all in all they helped me making the last ten months an incredible experience I will always remember like nobody else.

And finally it was time to say goodbye to Milo, my brother from another mother. We hugged for at least two minutes but it still did not seem real, we have seen each other almost every day over the last year, the longest time without each other was two weeks, over spring break. And now, now we will not see each other for months, probably even years. Milo, I can not tell you how much I enjoyed spending the last ten months with you, sharing unforgettable experiences and becoming ‚hermanos‘ so I will just keep it simple: Thank You!

Actually our first vacations in an RV, I’d say we chose a decent one.

Thanks Lara for your patience until try number 486.73.

The beautiful sunset over the lake right next to our plot in the RV park.

Candle light dinner…because we didn’t have any other light source.

We had a little laughter after my grandmother read „Bockwurst“, some kind of German sausage, on an RV instead of „Blackwood“.

Hey Dad!

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