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About us

We are Tobias, Monika, Luk and Lara, a German family of four. We love our tent, that we nearly always took with us when travelling through Europe by car or bike during the last few years. We visited Scandinavia, Ireland and especially France, enjoying nature, the good food and simply our being together.

The above is the beginning of our last years’s blog about our Malaysia vacation in summer 2016. Actually this text is still up-to-date. Only that we’ve since experienced a fantastic journey through Malaysia with amazing adventures and unforgettable impressions.

Why Canada?

We didn’t ourselves opt for Canada as our vacation destination in the summer of 2017. The decision was made in December 2015 when Luk decided he wanted to spend his next school year abroad. Tobias chose Clarence Fulton Secondary in Vernon as the most suitable school for Luk.

As soon as we were convinced that Luk was enjoying his stay in Vernon we booked flights to Vancouver and got us some travel guides.

From this moment on, I have been looking forward to travelling through the Rocky Mountains in a mobile home!

The Cast

During our Canada Tour Gabi and Veronika are going to be joining us. Therefore we are going to be six persons together in a confined space for four weeks. This will definitely be a challenge for all of us but it will also be a intensive time together I’m looking forward to.

Gabi and Veronika

Let’s go

I’m curious if there will be enough stuff to fill this blog properly…

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