Canada 2017

Packed and checked in

By Tobias

We set off on our journey to Canada tomorrow and therefore packed our baggage today, after we’d laid out (almost) everything that we’re taking with us last Saturday. Monika, Lara and myself are using the backpacks that we used last year, while Gabi had borrowed a suitcase that is apparently at least slightly larger, and Veronika, who just arrived at Gabi’s, is using an equally heavy (18kg!) travel bag. I’ve checked us in on the Lufthansa web site and luckily managed to print our boarding passes on our highly reluctant printer. We also know how to get from the airport in Vancouver to our hotel with the Canada Link and the 006 bus line. And the OTG cables I’d ordered arrived today and Monika and I have checked out how we can transfer pictures between our smartphones and the DSLR’s SD cards. We’ve still got to spread the German chocolate I bought today among our backpacks and pack our carry-on baggage and we should be all set to catch the suburban train to take us from here to Frankfurt and on to the airport. I’m already curious to see which of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-400s is going to take us to the country of the maple leaf.

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