Canada 2017

June 29th – The Journey Begins

By Monika

Our journey started at 6:30 am in Germany and ended at 10:00 pm in Canada, after 25 hours without any sleep!

Gabi, Veronika and Lara went to bed a little earlier but Tobias wanted to meet an old schoolfriend who had his show that same evening. So the both of us had a evening stroll of an hour. Unfortunately, the show had almost finished, but because of many questions from the audience, it lasted too long for us to wait to say hello to Kagan. Maybe we’ll see him at the end of our vacation when we are going to stay in Vancouver for three days.

The whole journey to Canada went pretty well. We took the HLB at 8:14 am and then the S8 to the airport. Here we met Gabi and Veronika before all five of us dropped off our luggage.

We had a nice breakfast in the Café „Goethe“ while we were waiting for the boarding to start, interrupted by a small incident involving hot chocolate.

On the plane I watched these movies:

– 20th Century Women

– Get Out

– Collateral Beauty

The crew on the plane was very friendly and I couldn’t find any diffenrence between Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines which had taken us to Malaysia last year.

We took the train from the airport to the city of Vancouver and had a walk of 800 meters to the YWCA hotel.

Dinner at „The Cambie“ with Ben and Cornelius

After a shower we went out for dinner. At „The Cambie“ we ate burgers and had beer and wine after we met Ben and Cornelius who were sitting at the same table as us. We had a really nice evening with these guys who came to Vancouver from Kelowna and Calgary.

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