Canada 2017

June 30th – Our Home For The Next Four Weeks

By Monika

My first night in Canada could have been better. I woke up at 2 o’clock and didn’t fall asleep for almost an hour. Then at 5 am I finally woke up because in the room next to ours the bathroom was in use for almost an hour until it turned six o’clock so our alarm clocks rang…

But in the end that wasn’t all that bad because if I had been sleeping until the alarm clock rang, I wouldn’t have written the pevious post.

We were picked up at the hotel at 7:30 am by a taxi driver who brought us to Langley where we picked up our mobile home at Traveland.

A very nice person named Daniela introduced us to the handling of our new home for the next four weeks before we set off from Traveland at 10:30 am. On our way to the next supermarket we had to stop at a traffic light when the driver in the car next to us gestured us to open our window. I expected him to inform us that something was wrong with our vehicle…

But he only asked very enthusiastically whether the RV was ours and how long it is, telling us that he was looking for an RV like that himself.

That situation confirmed our first impression that canadian people are the friendliest people in the world! It is really hard to believe how nice they are.

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