Canada 2017

In Every End There Lies A New Beginning

By Luk

Now that I have been in Canada for ten months my time here finally came to an end. Yesterday, on June 30, my parents, sister, grandmother and grandaunt came to Vernon to pick me up so I was very excited to finally see them again.
When I arrived at my Canadian home after I spent the afternoon in Kamloops I only had a couple of minutes until they arrived.

Of course I was very happy to see them and give them a hug. I showed the five of them around the house and my room and they talked to Gordon, Sally and Milo for quite some time while I was taking a shower, and finished packing my stuff together so we could put it into the huge RV they parked in front of the house. After approximately two hours we left to get to our RV park in time, we would see everybody again the next day though.

Sally, Luk, Gordon

We had a twenty minute long drive until we arrived at the park at 8:15 pm, 15 minutes after the office closed but we were lucky that the woman working for the park was still there. After parking the RV, extending the slide outs and packing our stuff into the shelves and drawers we started cooking some noodles for supper. We had a great meal right next to the lake with candle light and a lot of people I was very happy to have around again. After we finished eating we were still talking about the last months until midnight when we went to bed.

I brushed my teeth and changed before I went to bed, above the driver’s cabin right next to my sister who was already sleeping. There was just one slight problem: the heat. When we plugged the RV onto the power supply at our plot we put it into the wrong slot so after the RV’s battery was used up the air conditioning system just turned off leaving us in the hot RV trying to get some sleep.
After 3:30 hours next to my sleeping sister and in the same room as five other sleeping people I finally fell asleep as well, super tired and sweaty.


When I woke up the next morning at 8 am I was very glad to know I finally got at least a little sleep. Everbody was already up cleaning the dishes from last night and preparing breakfast. After I got up and changed I went outside where breakfast was almost ready. A few minutes later I enjoyed the meal in the morning looking at Swan Lake and continuing talking about all the stuff we have to catch up after having been seperated by eleven hours of airial travelling time for ten months.

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